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Camila Mozzini

State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)

Camila Mozzini is a researcher and doctoral candidate in Communication at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) Brazil, working under the supervision of professor Erick Felinto. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication—Journalism, from the same institution. Mozzini works in the fields of art-education, performing arts, poetry and contemporary dance, and integrates the research groups “Communication, Arts and Sociotechnical Networks,” and “Technological Cultures: Medialities, Materialities, Temporalities,” both at UERJ. A member of the artistic collectives Desviu and Bacia, located in Rio de Janeiro, she has co-organized with Wagner Ferraz the e-book Estudos do Corpo: Encontros com Artes e Educação. Her research focuses on the interface between body, art, and technology.

Articles of Camila Mozzini

Por um método flusseriano / For a Flusserian Method

In academic circles, Flusser has been traditionally considered to be a “minor” thinker, an author who lacks scholarly rigor and systematicity. If a text can be understood as a testimony of how thought operates, this article follows and explores in Flusser’s texts, his process of writing-thinking, as a particular method. To this end, three procedures will be invoked to systematize a methodological trinity: a form of affirmative writing that implies a certain economy of words; a paradoxical way of writing that creates, and afterwards dilutes dichotomies; and a textuality that is experiential, that is, an aesthetic of existence. The purpose of this endeavor is to create new methodological procedures inspired by Flusser’s processes of writing-action and thought-movement.

Método flusseriano (PDF 250.46 KB)
Flusserian Method (PDF 246.71 KB)

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