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Aditya Mandayam

Aditya Mandayam is a conceptual artist. His interests lie at the cross-section of photography, food, number theory, and the internet. He was born into a family of Dravidian nomadic priests dating back to the 11th century AD. He studied to be a Hindu priest under the Natampalli-Anandalwar and Devashikhamani-Krishnamachar traditions for six years. Adi has lived and worked in India, the USA, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Poland & Italy. Previous occupations include bar-tending, research mathematics, lexicography and coffin-polishing. Since April 2010 Adi has lived inside a camera. By blacking out the windows and making small holes in them, his home in Northern Italy is now a giant foro stenopeico or a camera obscura. His home is a pinhole camera. Within this home are his other cameras. He takes photos with them. Sometimes he takes photos of his home; sometimes of the cameras within. Sometimes he takes screenshots. His photographic performances and experiments include Fillum Fallam, Laptopogram, Fatto Foto?, regalo, fotokopisusu, Fotobiscotti, szendwics, La Camera Oscurata and Il lampeggiatore amongst others. These may be viewed on his website cixa.org. Adi speaks Kannada, Tamil, English, Hindi, Marathi and Italian.

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