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Francesco Restuccia

Università degli Studi di Roma - La Sapienza, Rome, Italy

Francesco Restuccia is doing a Philosophy PhD at La Sapienza - Università di Roma, researching about Vilém Flusser’s concept of apparatus. He wrote a master thesis in aesthetics on montage theory, studied one year at the EHESS of Paris and lived six months in São Paolo in Brazil, where he attended the seminars of the art biennial. He published in the magazine “Alias” an article about Brazilian cultural life. Together with the art collective -ATI Suffix he was invited to the Istanbul design biennial 2014 with an installation that questions the idea of the manifesto. He published an article about the aesthetic experience of the ruins in the journal Elephant & Castle and took part in the conference “Tecnica, medialità e nuove forme della narrazione” that was held in May 2015 in Rome.

Articles of Francesco Restuccia

Della banalità del male (traduzione di Francesco Emilio Restuccia)

In this article, published in 1969, Flusser rethinks the concept of the banality of evil, which Hannah Arendt developed in her book Eichman in Jerusalem, in the chapter “A Report on the Banality of Evil” (1963). Unlike Arendt, Flusser is more interested in the trivial evil: the one produced by those who need to live with an apparatus (e.g. a factory or a school), even if they are responsible and well-educated. And given that nowadays, we increasingly cannot live without the apparatus, we should rather try to understand how we can be free with them.

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