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Nancy Roth

University College Falmouth, Cornwall - UK

Dr. Nancy Roth is Joint Course Leader of the M.A. Photography course at University College Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. With a background in art and photography criticism followed by formal training as an art historian (Ph.D. CUNY, 1996), she sought teaching positions primarily in art colleges, rather than in art history departments. In this context, faced with what seemed a crucial need to identify her own “medium” with respect to both colleagues and students, she began to consider how writing is aligned with drawing, painting, photography, video--all taught subjects in the art college. In this way she was drawn to the work of Vilem Flusser. She is committed to making more of his philosophy available in English.

Articles of Nancy Roth

Photographic Migrants: John Goto’s West End Blues

Treating Goto’s new images themselves as migrants--exotic, digital constructions uncomfortable in the land of “straight” art photography--the essay proposes that Flusser’s understanding of photography as projection, rather than record, offers a way of reconciling significant conflict in contemporary photography. Drawing on the writing of John Szarkowski to represent the “native” position, it argues that Goto’s “migrant” images bring the native’s strengths and limitations into focus. It draws on Flusser’s conviction about the migrant’s creativity to propose that an expanded understanding of “photography” does not damage or diminish any existing canon, and offers a structure in which the value of digitally
manipulated images can be considered in their rightful context, namely the entire history of photography.

Photographic Migrants (PDF 271.64 KB)

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