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Jan P. Hudzik

Jan P. Hudzik teaches Philosophy at the Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin (Poland). The author of several books and numerous articles in academic and professional journals, his recent publications include: Wykłady z filozofii mediów (Lectures on Media Philosophy) 2017; Prawda i teoria (Truth and Theory) 2011. His current research focuses on the theoretical foundations of humanities and social sciences, transformations of contemporary political philosophy, intellectuals and the public sphere, and German media philosophy.

Articles of Jan P. Hudzik

From Hegel to Zielinski: An Essay on German Media Philosophy

This article discusses an original media philosophy emerging in the German-language since the 1980s. Its relevant contexts described here include phenomenology, social critical theory (the Frankfurt School), and deconstructionism. The starting point of this paper is Hegel’s romantic vision of culture as language, and the area of meanings conveyed by speech and writing, whereas the conclusion is the vision of culture permeated by digital technologies. The so-called “medial turn” is a new opening for philosophical reflection under the aegis of Medienphilosophie. The presentation of its conceptual framework and analytical style is addressed here by the methodological and philosophical devices of Siegfried Zielinski’s media archeology.

Hegel to Zielinski (PDF 284.82 KB)

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