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Call for Papers

Contributions in English, German, French, Portuguese, Czech, Spanish and Italian should be submitted to guldinr.rainer@bluewin.ch / guldinr@gmail.com

All papers are thoroughly double-blind peer-reviewed for originality, soundness, significance and relevance. Authors will be notified of the status of their papers within three months of submission. The journal publishes papers up to 8500 words, as well as shorter texts up to 3000 (event reports, reviews of books, comments on papers etc.).

Flusser Studies is aimed at a reading audience already familiar with the general outline of Flusser’s philosophy as well as with the essentials of his biography. General introductory references to the life and work of Vilém Flusser should, therefore, be avoided.

Flusser Studies is published twice a year (May and November).


Flusser Studies 37 (May 2024) and Flusser Studies 38 (November 2024) are not special issues. Any contribution on Flusser and his work are therefore welcome.
Please submit your contribution before March 1st, 2024 (Flusser Studies 37) and August 1st, 2024 (Flusser Studies 38) to guldin.rainer@bluewin.ch


Flusser Studies 36 (November 2023)


Angenommen. Suppose that. Suponhamos.

In 1989, Flusser first published Angenommen. Eine Szenenfolge, a series of philosophical fictions, altogether 22 scenarios in search of images from family life, political life, and politics. This book has been recently translated into English and published by the University of Minnesota Press under the title What if? (2022).

Besides the German text, Flusser also worked on a Portuguese and an English version, which were never completed. In a short note at the beginning, he addressed all of those whose imagination enabled them to recode in some way or another (photography, film, video) the ideas and concepts of the book in a series of scenarios, asking them to get in touch with the editor.

In the early 1970s, Flusser published daily contributions under the heading “Posto Zero” for A Folha de Sao Pãulo. Some of these short philosophical fictions can be considered as precursors of the later versions that appeared in What if? nearly twenty years later.

Angenommen is a book that until now has not received the theoretical attention it deserves, probably because it was obscured by the success of Towards a Philosophy of Photography, Into the Universe of Technical Images, and Does Writing have a Future?

We invite contributions that deal with the book and its parallel versions, its position within Flusser’s oeuvre as a whole, and its thematical and formal links with Vampyroteuthis infernalis, as well as with other earlier fictions like the texts from the “Posto Zero” series. Other possible subjects are Flusser’s notion of philosophical fiction, the translation of texts into technical images, and more generally what he programmatically called “das Märchen der Wahrheit”, the fairy tale of truth.

Please submit your contribution before August 1st 2023 to guldin.rainer@bluewin.ch / Rodrigo.MartiniPaula@uga.edu / whanff@udc.edu

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