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Equivalence: This site was founded by Andreas Müller-Pohle, a friend of the Flussers and the publisher of many of Vilém Flusser’s works of the 1980’s and 1990’s. It contains a short biography, a larger autobiographical text written by Flusser himself in Brazilian in the late sixties (translated into German by Edith Flusser), a German and English Glossary of essential Flusserian terms, a reference to the 10 volumes of the Edition Flusser, as well as a page of general information related to Flusseriana.

Die Flusser Files: This mainly German site was created by Claudia Klinger. It contains, among other things, a German and Italian report on the Puchheim Symposium on Flusser held in 1999, a list of available books, various comments and texts. Of interest are also the Flusser Surfboard and Reinhold Grether’s original contribution starting out from Flusser’s own remark: His name would signify ‘pebble found in a river and used for glass manufacturing.’

Vilém Flusser no Brasil: This Brazilian and English site was created by Ricardo Mendes. It is dedicated to the years when Flusser lived in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. It contains the text Flusser: uma historia dos diabos and a biographical survey of his life written by Ricardo Mendez himself as part of an academic publication released in 2000 (both can be downloaded). One can consult a biographical data bank of Flusser’s writings as well as two pages of links to texts by (in English, French and Portuguese) and on Flusser (in English, French, German and Portuguese) to be found on the internet.

Le site « Flusser – France » a pour ambition de publier (ou de référencer) tous les textes de Vilém Flusser existant en langue française. Il s’insère dans le cadre d'un projet plus large de diffusion de la pensée de Vilém Flusser auprès du public francophone.

The Flusser Club is dedicated to celebrating Flusser’s legacy, reprocessing Flusser’s work and strengthening the Flusser network. It is committed to preserving Flusser’s work and to developing his thinking., together with all globally scattered Flusserians and in a polycentric network with the dedicated communities around the Vilém Flusser Archive and the Flusser Studies!

The Vilém Flusser Archive holds and looks after the literary remains of the cultural theorist Vilém Flusser (1920–1991). It identifies itself as an intersection in international research on Vilém Flusser, and endeavours to enhance accessibility of the work of this influential thinker. In addition to its own projects, the Archive seeks to promote and support international publications, scholarly and artistic work and events.

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