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Anne-Laure Oberson

Trained as a photographer and art historian, Anne-Laure Oberson earned her PhD in philosophy at the European Graduate School with Prof. Siegfried Zielinski. Her research focuses on the quantic nature of images and the perceptual impact of electronic images in cognitive processes and phenomena such as plasticity and synchronicity. Her first philosophical publication appeared in 2011 under the title I see. Do you? Thinking seeing at Atropos Press. She has edited and written several books and articles in the field of contemporary art, art history, art in hospitals and health care, and has organized conferences and lectures in these fields. As acting secretary general of the Fluxum Foundation, which supports dance, performing arts and contemporary creation, she is currently involved in establishing an interactive archive.

Articles of Anne-Laure Oberson

The Fourth Meaning of the Image: Flusser’s Invitation to Envision the World

This short essay is composed of excerpts from the doctoral thesis entitled Image as Articulation of Thought. It focuses on a few inputs by Vilém Flusser on the subject of the technical image and the necessity of becoming active participants in the illusory world we are now living in. For this to happen, we must step out of our condition of being functionaries and become (en)visionaries. That is, we must step out of a linear model of thinking into a superficial one, one that is based entirely on images.

Fourth Meaning (PDF 207.7 KB)

Flusser as ‛Envisionary’

Envisionary (PDF 91 KB)

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