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Claude Lutz

Claude Lutz studied philosophy and political science. He worked initially in medical publishing, then in other publishing fields before founding in 1989 his own publishing house, Circé, based in Eastern France. The press has published fiction and non-fiction (including 4 books by Vilém Flusser), poetry in translation (including a Korean and Taiwanese poetry collection and collection of love poems) and essays about theater and cinema. Between 1998 and 2006 it published L’inactuel, the journal of the French Psychoanalytical Association.

Articles of Claude Lutz


This is a short interview with Claude Lutz, the founder and director of Édition Circé, which in 1996 published a French translation of Vilém Flusser’s Für eine Philosophie der Fotografie. Three more translations followed: Petite philosophie du design (2002), Essais sur la nature et la culture (2005) and La Civilisation des médias (2006).

Interview (PDF 284.3 KB)

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