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Estela Loth Costa

Estela Loth Costa is a photographer and photojournalist who recently graduated from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) (2019) with a final course paper on photographic narratives on social networks. Currently she is a Master's student in the Graduate Program at the Faculty of Communication at Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF). Her work, in field Media and Social Processes, examines new social uses and functions of photography, specifically politically oriented emerging counter-hegemonic practices using Instagram. She member of the Communication, Identity, and Citizenship research group (ComunIC) and is supervised by Dr. Paulo Roberto Figueira Leal.

Articles of Estela Loth Costa

Técnica, espaço e abstração: uma visão do Instagram em perspectiva Flusseriana

This study attempts to mobilize Flusserian propositions as a means of reflecting on contemporary phenomena such as Instagram. It begins with the issue of photography and its relationship with technique. Because both Walter Benjamin and Vilém Flusser treat technique as a mediator in the production of symbols in photography and cinema, the essay  will engage the work of both.The concept of apparatus will also be revisited in this article. Linked to the concept of the apparatus, the ideas of program, employee and programmer will also be taken into consideration. In addition, Lúcia Santaella’s idea of cyberspace will be used to position Instagram as part of a universe that reconfigures the notions of the here and now, enabling news  of places visited and moments experienced to be published in real-time. Instagram is then seen to be an apparatus and part of a broader escalation of abstraction, toward a space of zero dimension.

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