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Flávio Américo Tonnetti

Multimedia artist and author, Flávio Américo Tonnetti is professor at Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil) in Educational Department. He holds a PhD in Education and Technology and a Masters degree in Philosophy of Science and Neuroscience. In a post-war context he was a professor in the Community Development course at the National University of Timor-Leste, in Southeast Asia, where he worked with the themes of Development, Language and Identity. He also has undertaken art research in Germany, Belgium and Spain. His research draws on the fields of language, aesthetics, technology and politics, looking for relations between education, communication and cyberculture. As a practicing artist, he makes photographs, visual art, artists’ books and literature.

Articles of Flávio Américo Tonnetti

Língua é realidade: Vilém Flusser e a obra de Guimarães Rosa

This essay examines the dialogue established between Vilém Flusser and João Guimarães Rosa around the conception of language as the creator of reality. In this text, we discuss elements of this dialogue, We consider how the two authors understand language and how this understanding appears expressed in their works, based on essays and testimonies given by both. In this relationship between these two authors and friends, the works’ interrelation is given from the Flusser’s point of view, in his account of the profound impact of Guimarães Rosa’s literature on Flusser, who wrote several essays on it, and in seeing the experience of his own ideas about the language in Rosa’s work.

Guimarães Rosa (PDF 188.91 KB)

Viagens entre amigos

Viagens (PDF 63.38 KB)

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