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Lucia Leão

Lucia Leão is coordinator of the Graduate Program in Communication and Semiotics (COS, PUC-SP), professor, artist, writer, translator and curator. She is a post-doctoral fellow in Arts from UNICAMP and Leader of InterLab: Media Communication and Creation Research Group, CCM CNPq.

Articles of Lucia Leão

Communication and education for otherness: photographic expeditions as an exercise in the pedagogy of intersubjectivity

The main purpose of this article is to reflect on how Flusser's thought can contribute to the development of communication and education projects in awareness of otherness. As such, it presents relations between the “pedagogy of intersubjectivity,” designated by Flusser in his first articles and classes in Brazil, and an experiment in anthropo-ecological nature and intersubjective construction: the photographic expeditions with the young people of the collective “Nofotofake” in the Heliopolis favela conducted by Roberta Dabdab.

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