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Lucia Santaella

PUC-SP, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil

Lucia Santaella is a Brazilian CNPq researcher at level 1 A. She is a Professor in the graduate program of Communication and Semiotics, and in the graduate program in Technologies of Inteligence and Digital Design at the PUC-São Paulo. She received her Ph.D in Literary Theory from the PUC-SP and a Livre-docente title in the Sciences of Communication by USP—Universidade de São Paulo. She has oriented two hundred and forty Masters and Ph.D. dissertations, published forty two books, in addition to organizing another fifteen. Additionally, she has published around four hundred articles in Brazil and internationally. Among the honors she received is the Jabuti award (2002, 2009, 2011, 2014), the Sergio Motta award (2005), and the Luiz Beltrão award (2010).

Articles of Lucia Santaella

Astúcias do Design

Today there is a plurality of design concepts and trends. After a brief presentation of such multifaceted perspectives, this article aims to discuss Vilém Flusser’s concept of design in order to emphasize its originality, which unfortunately has not been sufficiently brought into the light, especially by those who are both practically and/or theoretically involved with design. Moreover, it is a concept that, for its originality, adds complexity to that which is the backbone of design: the notion of project.

Astúcias do Design (PDF 141.38 KB)

Flusser: um pensador visionário

A visionary thinker is one who thinks for the future and, accordingly, is somehow displaced in his/her own time. This article presents some of the reasons that lead us to consider Flusser as a visionary thinker. The influence of his work, especially in Brazil, is emerging with increasing power. This is a reliable indicator of the thesis concerning his ability to anticipate future issues. There are reasons, detectable nowadays, explaining why at the time Flusser wrote, his work was not understood in its full scope. Some of Flusser’s major conceptual concerns will be discussed as previews of the contemporary cultural scenario.

Pensador visionário (PDF 176.42 KB)

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