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Marie-Anne Soyez

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marie-Anne Soyez is currently attending the Research Master´s program Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and holds a BA degree in Literary, Cultural and Media Studies from the University of Siegen, Germany. As intern and freelancer, she worked for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Siegen and the House of World Cultures in Berlin. She is interested in the relationship between images and words and generally in creative strategies of expression and internalization.

Articles of Marie-Anne Soyez

Dear Flusser – Dear Don. Letters from 1973 to 1983

The letter exchange between Vilém Flusser and Donald L. Stacy started in 1973 and ended in 1983. Intrigued by an article Flusser published in the US journal Main Currents of Modern Thoughts, Stacy started a conversation that proved influential for both participants. It lead to a friendship that was first only intellectually and later also emotionally engaging. By being a constant challenge to each other, the „author of words“ and the „painter of images“ enjoy disagreeing on art, knowledge, truth, reality, editing and friendship. Their discussion of the relationship between images and words is deeply intertwined and sometimes concurrent with a discussion of their personalities. Their self perception and perception of each other, together with their reflection on the friendship itself turn the whole conversation into a fascinating set of documents on personal and creative influences.

Dear Flusser (PDF 454.43 KB)

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