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Martin Schmidt

Universität Potsdam, Institut für Künste und Medien, Potsdam, Germany

Martin Schmidt, born 1979, studied Cultural Studies, Philosophy and Sociology in Tübingen, Leipzig and Prague. He wrote his thesis on cultural pessimism in Georg Simmel’s work. In 2007, he moved to Berlin and started to work as an Event Manager, especially for conferences and workshops, on questions concerned with the transition to a digital society. Since 2009, he has been working on his PhD at the University Potsdam, researching the cultural history of canals. He is especially interested in the relationship between the canal as an artifact and the processes of channelization.

Articles of Martin Schmidt

Flussers Kanäle

In his studies on the subject of human communication Flusser repeatedly refers to the concept of canals and channels. He classifies basic structures of various situations of communication by means of disclosing interconnections and arrays of canals. This paper takes a closer look at the concept of canals in Flusser’s work and aims to systematize his different and sometimes inconsistent approaches. Further it discusses the significance of this topic for Flusser’s late work.

Flussers Kanäle (PDF 317.55 KB)

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