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Pedro Heliodoro Tavares

Pedro Heliodoro Tavares is professor for German Studies – Language, Literature and Translation of the Department for Modern Philology - DLM in the Faculty for Philosophy, Philology and Humanities - FFLCH of the University of São Paulo - USP – Brazil. Doctor in Psychoanalysis and Fundamental Psychopathology (Université Paris VII) and Doctor in Literary Theory (Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC). Main publications: Freud & Schnitzler (Annablume, 2007), Versões de Freud (7Letras, 2011) und Fausto e a Psicanálise (Annablume, 2012).

Articles of Pedro Heliodoro Tavares

Übersetzung, Wissen und Kultur in der freudschen Psychoanalyse und im Werk Vilém Flussers

This article aims to present Sigmund Freud and Vilém Flusser not only as two thinkers with biographical similarities, but mainly as two intellectuals of converging ideas. Both developed a critical analysis of the human unease (Unbehagen) mediated by the symbolic, and both, each in his own way, tried to find solutions to deal with this unease using language as an instrument. Both saw in translation an important instrument to overcome cultural boundaries.

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