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Ursula Schnitzer

Ursula Schnitzer, born in Merano in 1971, studied art history and archeology at the University of Innsbruck and specialized in exhibitions. From 1996 to 2000, she was head of the Tyrolean State Institute in Bozen. Among her projects there was the coordinating the national exhibition Michael Pacher and his Circle at Neustift Monastery in 1998. She has provided conceptual advice to the Neustift/Vahrn Abbey Museum and the St. Johann Monastery Museum in Müstair/Graubünden (Switzerland) regarding a planned expansion. Since 2001 she has been project coordinator and curator at Merano Art/Merano Arte.

Articles of Ursula Schnitzer

Regina Klaber Thusek und Vilém Flusser. Schönheit versus Hübschheit

Between 1973 and 1979, Vilém Flusser was friends with the artist Regina Klaber Thusek (born 1900, Römerstadt, d. 1983, Merano). Like Flusser, Klaber Thusek had a circle of friends that was international, and that showed a propensity for people with Jewish roots whose lives had been shaped by the Holocaust. Klaber Thusek, who traced her Jewish background through her father, immediately felt an affinity with Flusser, the Prague Jew.  They met for the most part in Merano at the time both were living there, although the friendship culminated in a trip to Provence in May 1979. This essay, which briefly narrates Klaber Thusek’s life and her meeting with Flusser, is the result of several years of study of the artist’s estate, now held at the archive of the Palais Maming Museum in Merano.  It contains extracts from the artist’s journal pertaining directly to Flusser.

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