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Vinicius Andrade Pereira

Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vinicius Andrade Pereira, PhD in Communication Studies by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, is Adjunct Professor at the University of Rio de Janeiro State where he coordinates the post-graduation research program in communication (Technology and Culture). He is an Associate Researcher at the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology (University of Toronto), as well as at CAEPM - Centro de Altos Estudos em Propaganda e Marketing da ESPM (Brazil).

Articles of Vinicius Andrade Pereira

Communication Technologies as Grammars: Medium, Content and Message in Marshall McLuhan's work

This paper aims at exploring some classic concepts in the field of Communication Studies such as medium, content, and message, inspired by Marshall McLuhan’s thought. The paper will also recover a perspective which is still considered useful to the understanding of digital media: the idea that each technology of communication must be recognized as a kind of grammar capable of creating and shaping new modes of communication. Therefore, the dictum ‘the medium is the message’ will be analyzed by re-evaluating the different meanings that the ideas of medium and content assume throughout McLuhan’s work.

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