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Techno-imagining Flusser

This article shares some archival gems and treasure maps, as a way of reaching out to all the Flusserphiles in the world. It encourages them not only to disseminate his works, but to do so in actual dialog with his concepts: process him, digest him, play with him and against him. Let’s dare to be footloose.

Techno-imagining (PDF 1.12 MB)

Vilém Flussers Fluß. Transkript der Videodokumentation von Gesprächen mit Vilém Flusser im Sommer 1991

In the last days of august 1991 Michael Bielicky visited Vilém Flusser at his residence in Robion, France. Several original conversations with Flusser were videotaped and published in 1994 as Vilém Flussers Fluß. Eine Dokumentation. The recordings include spirited statements by Flusser on key aspects of his work. These are presented here in written form for the first time. Flusser extemporises impressively on many of his favorite topics: the emergence and crisis of written culture and historical consciousness, the meaning of photography, film and computer-generated images as well as the prospect of a telematic society. A special gem in this transcript is Flusser's brilliant telling of the “history of mankind as a television drama,” unpublished thus far.

Flussers Fluß (PDF 459.43 KB)