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Die Flusser-Files

Flusser Files was the very first Internet site in Germany dealing with Vilém Flusser’ work. It went online as early as 1998. Among other things, it contains the hypertext by Reinhold Grether “Weltrevolution nach Flusser,” and a comment on a Flusser Symposium held in March 1999 in Puchheim, Germany, written by Bernd Wingert and Rainer Guldin in German and Italian (http://www.claudia-klinger.de/flusser/).

Flusser-Files (PDF 762.47 KB)


The computer computes. Landscapes, disaster, nature, culture, icons, explosions. Daily news. Images of events that happen far away. Pixels and quanta, one or zero. In this multilayered-series I let the computer merge hundreds of single images into each other. They are taken systematically as well as randomly from the internet (or my private collection). The titles refer to the words which were entered into the image search engines. At recurring points of the calculation process I intervene with aesthetic decisions.