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Por uma fenomenologia do corpo

This article seeks to respond to Flusser’s call for a “phenomenology of the body” by constructing a method. The paper has four sections, corresponding to four aspects of the project: the first section examines Flusser’s letter to Dora Ferreira da Silva, in which he talks about the urgent need for a phenomenology of the body; the second identifies the necessary elements for the realization of a phenomenology of the body along three axes:  theory, form and practice; the third section considers the ways academic territories would have to be redefined to accommodate a phenomenology of the body from a Flusserian perspective ; finally, the fourth section takes  other, newer phenomenologies of the body into consideration in an effort to grasp the urgency of Flusser’s request.

Fenomenologia do corpo (PDF 255.79 KB)

Por um método flusseriano / For a Flusserian Method

In academic circles, Flusser has been traditionally considered to be a “minor” thinker, an author who lacks scholarly rigor and systematicity. If a text can be understood as a testimony of how thought operates, this article follows and explores in Flusser’s texts, his process of writing-thinking, as a particular method. To this end, three procedures will be invoked to systematize a methodological trinity: a form of affirmative writing that implies a certain economy of words; a paradoxical way of writing that creates, and afterwards dilutes dichotomies; and a textuality that is experiential, that is, an aesthetic of existence. The purpose of this endeavor is to create new methodological procedures inspired by Flusser’s processes of writing-action and thought-movement.

Método flusseriano (PDF 250.46 KB)
Flusserian Method (PDF 246.71 KB)