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Da raiva / De la rage / On Rabies / Von der Tollwut - Présentation de De la rage de Vilém Flusser / Presentation of On Rabies by Vilém Flusser / Zu Vilém Flussers Von der Tollwut

In this 1969 article, Vilém Flusser explores the relationship between the rabies virus and humans, considering first how the virus “sees” man, and then analyzing the hierarchy between humans and the virus according to three criteria, genetical, structural and behavioral. He concludes that the best criterion for such a hierarchy between species is the degree of determination and openness of a given biological structure.

Da raiva (PDF 251.6 KB)
De la rage (PDF 277.52 KB)
On Rabies (PDF 267.37 KB)
Von der Tollwut (PDF 278.35 KB)