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Beat Christen

Beat Christen was born in Lucerne in 1965. Since 1991 he has been living and working in Oron next to Lausanne (Vaud, Switzerland)). He publishes poems and essays and works on oral story telling since 2003. He writes his poems both in German and French, as two variations on the same theme. Main publications: Poser un lapin / Versetzt  (2001), Leer réel (2003) and Qu’homme Wie ein Wie (2014) which besides poems and short pieces of prose pieces three different languages contains drawings by the Catalan artist Muma.

Articles of Beat Christen

Ölflecken - Un beau jour me hisser - Deux fleurs s’envolent - Orange - La méthode SAC

Ölflecken (PDF 20.63 KB)
Un beau jour me hisser (PDF 23.56 KB)
Orange (PDF 22.08 KB)
La méthode SAC (PDF 48.9 KB)

Selbst-Übersetzung und mehrsprachiges Schreiben

In this e-mail exchange, Christen focuses on his career as a bilingual writer. He started out with German poetry, but is now writing in both German and French moving back and forth between the two languages. Christen defines self-translation as a form of recreation. Differences between languages are not a drawback but activate the artist’s creativity.

Selbst-Übersetzung (PDF 260.13 KB)

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