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Yves Citton

Yves Citton is professor of literature and media at the University of Paris 8, after having taught at the University of Grenoble Alpes and the University of Pittsburgh (USA). He will complete a term as executive director of the EUR ArTeC (Arts, Technologies, Digital, Human Mediations and Creation) this year. He co-edits the journal Multitudes. Recent publications include: Faire avec. Conflits, coalitions, contagions (2021), Générations Collapsonautes. Naviguer en temps d’effondrements (with Jacopo Rasmi, 2020), Contre-courants politiques (2018), Médiarchie (2017), and Pour une écologie de l’attention (2014). He is currently working with Anderson Pedroso and Marc Lenot on the publication of a collection of Flusser’s texts related to research-creation activities for ArTeC/les Presses du réel.

Articles of Yves Citton

Vilém Flusser et la recherche-création

This paper highlights some of the parallels and resonance effects that can be observed between the way Flusser advocated dealing with the “art crisis” and the way some institutions conceive and justify their “research-creation” programs today. Seen in this way, Flusser appears to have already been calling for a way of enhancing both research and creativity a half a century ago.  We have yet to understand the epistemic, aesthetic and political implications of the specific method of interrogation he proposed (the Pilpul).

Recherche-création (PDF 349.86 KB)

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